Women's bras for every support need

From functional underwire to sensual satin, women's bras offer a range of features to keep you comfortable and contained. The right brassiere can highlight or hide your chest, depending on the look and level of support you're after. Your bust can significantly affect your style and your confidence, so it is worth spending some time browsing a variety of bra styles to find one that will work for you.

Whether support or sensuality is your primary concern, a bra should adjust to fit your body perfectly. This means that it should lift and support, yet be comfortable enough to wear all day long. Sounds simple, right? Well, as most women know, a good bra can be hard to find. Learn about the best styles for support and fashion, as well as how to find the perfect fit to keep you happy and healthy.

Bras for Fashion and Function

Although many styles have struck a balance between style, comfort and utility, there are some general features to look for in a particularly supportive bra. To begin, the tried and true underwire is popular for a reason – most wireless bras simply cannot hold up an ample chest like the sturdy shape of a molded plastic or underwire bra. On the other hand, this type of bra can be quite uncomfortable if it does not fit properly, as the wire tends to poke or restrict the sides and bottoms of the breasts. If you've decided that this is the style for you, look for an underwire that is cushioned by an ample layer of soft fabric to avoid unwanted pressure and discomfort.

The underwire bra can take many forms, from a push-up lace bra or satin bra to sports bras, but there is an alternative for those who can't stand the wire and favor understated comfort over glamour. Molded cups, wider straps and softer natural fibers are the principal features of comfort bras, which are designed to shape and support without bells and whistles. In fact, the most comfortable bras are often the sleekest, with full-coverage cups and seamless construction to eliminate the risk of bulging and chafing.

Choose the Right Bra

Regardless of the particular bra style, the band should fit comfortably and straight across your back, and the cups should be big enough to comfortably contain the breasts. An alarming number of women do not wear the right bra size, and so painful pinching and bulging is an unfortunate reality. Luckily, there is a variety of bra accessories that can transform a regular bra into the perfect match for a summer outfit or relieve the discomfort of a poor fit.

Bra shopping can also be an expensive endeavor, with some specialty bras going for $100 or more. To relieve some stress on your wallet, consider versatile styles that can be tweaked with the right accessories or double as specialty bras for other occasions. Removable pads and adjustability are great features to look for in a bra.

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