Comfort Bras

Put comfort first with wireless bras

For many women, a bra is a necessary evil. It provides as much discomfort as support, and it can look unbecoming under more form-fitting tops and dresses. Luckily, there are alternatives to the ungainly mechanisms that you wrestle with each morning – comfort bras. With features like soft, molded cups, wider straps and seamless construction, comfort bras have become a popular product, and the variety of styles is always growing.

Since every body is different, the most comfortable bra in the world for one woman may not be as appealing to another. And although comfort comes first with seamless bras or wireless bras, you will still want adequate support. Discover the features of different comfort bras to find the style that will work with your style and your body.

Seamless and Wireless Bras

Many agree that cotton is among the most comfortable, unrestrictive fabrics around, so it follows that a cotton bra is a good choice for comfort. Although it undoubtedly feels great against your skin, pure cotton does not lend itself much to stretching or compressing, and will not be able to offer too much support on its own. Look for cotton blended with nylon or Lycra to ensure that the bra will hug your curves, and consider a style with underwire or molded, padded cups if you need more support.

Another feature to consider is whether you want definition or compression. If you're looking to flatten your chest rather than lift it, consider the attributes of sports bras. The sturdy construction prevents movement, while the wide racerback styles keep your chest and back compressed, creating a firm and toned appearance. Sports bras generally run a little smaller in size than regular bras, so be sure to try the bra on before you buy.

Find the Right Fit and Style

Since comfort bras put comfort before support, it can be difficult to find a wireless or cotton bra that will lift an ample chest. If you cannot find a wireless comfort bra that meets your needs, look for a hidden underwire bra that contains the wire in a thicker, seamless layer of fabric to prevent pinching or poking. Alternatively, a thicker fabric and sturdy construction can lend support without the need for an underwire. Full coverage bras with some padding in the molded cups, wider straps and a thicker band will keep everything in its place.

Your bra-buying decision will likely be influenced as much by your outfit as by your general comfort. If your style is the casual femininity of a fitted T-shirt, you will need a well-designed T-shirt bra to avoid bulges, pinches and protruding seams. The best T-shirt bras are made from soft, breathable fabric that stays flat against your skin, with full cups to provide maximum coverage. If the cups and band are too small, the bulges that result defeat the purpose of the T-shirt bra. And unless you intend to wear only dark, opaque T-shirts, you should opt for a neutral shade that bears some resemblance to your skin color and that will be virtually undetectable under any fitted top.

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