Full Figure Bras

Support bras for curvy women

Bra shopping can be a pain, especially when you haven't had success with fit and comfort in the past. Full-figure bras need to provide good support along with a smooth and easy fit, and these features can be difficult to find among the racks of generic fashion bras. There are some specific features to consider when you're looking for a plus-size bra that will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Full-figure bras come with a range of helpful features to shape, minimize or embellish an ample bust. To begin, you need to find a bra that can offer you the support you need, which normally includes an underwire and full-coverage cups. Looking for extra comfort? Consider a breathable material like cotton, and extra cushioning where it counts. Learn what features to look for in full-coverage bras and how to find the perfect fit.

The Features of a Plus Size Bra

The more rigid the underwire, the better support you get, but this can be uncomfortable against your body. Look for a bra with a thicker layer of material over the wire to cushion and prevent annoying pokes and prods. The same goes for the straps – wider, cushioned straps are a common feature of full-coverage bras because they anchor the bra and offer support for the whole breast rather than simply boosting the bottom. If you plan to wear a full-figure bra with shapewear, opt for a strapless body shaper to avoid the added bulk that comes with an extra set of straps.

If you want to avoid underwire altogether, there are several cotton minimizer bras that are designed with comfort in mind. These typically have a double layer of stretchy cotton over the entire bra, with extra-wide bands around the bottom and around the cups to make up for the lack of underwire support. Some women prefer minimizer bras with molded cups that push the breasts in rather than up, flattening the chest instead of accentuating the shape of the bust.

Find the Right Support Bra

One common mistake women make is buying a bra that does not respect their measurements. A bra with cups that are too small will simply not do, and compensating for this issue with a larger band size will not help the situation. If you have trouble finding the perfect bra, you may be able to tweak the fit with bra accessories. Do your best to find a good fit – the wrong bra can leave you feeling pinched, cinched and compressed in all the wrong ways.

Begin by taking an accurate measurement just below your bust to get the proper band size. The band should sit at the same level as the bottom of the cups – even by the end of the day. A band that rides up as you wear it is too big to hold the bra where it needs to be to offer adequate support. You also need a cup that's deep enough to hold the whole breast so the underwire doesn't cut in at the sides or sit away from your breast bone. Also, be sure to adjust the straps so they are tight enough to stay put, and opt for a side-seamed bra for a bit of side compression that creates a slimmer waistline.

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