Mastectomy Bras

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The variety of mastectomy bras and accessories is incredible, offering a range of styles and colors to work with your wardrobe and your body. Of course, style and color are not the most important features to consider; when it comes to mastectomy clothing, comfort and fit are essential. If you purchase a mastectomy bra that does not fit quite right, you likely will not want to wear it day in and day out. Weight, skin and fabric issues can prevent a smooth and comfortable fit, but there are some measures that can be taken to prevent such a situation. Learn about the features of mastectomy bras and forms and how to ensure a comfortable fit that will look great.

Mastectomy Bras and Accessories

Mastectomy bras are designed with a pocket in each cup to hold a prosthetic breast securely against the body. Typically, these bras feature wide bands and straps to keep the bra from shifting or cutting into your skin, with full-coverage cups to discreetly accommodate the breast form. Seamless and wireless bras are the best styles, especially immediately following mastectomy surgery when the chest skin and the sites of the incisions are very tender. Mastectomy forms are often designed to be worn with any mastectomy bra, and are usually made of silicone to resemble the weight and feel of a natural breast.

While a mastectomy bra can offer the support and coverage you need, it is not always the most airy or delicate garment around. If you do not care to wear a mastectomy bra but need a pocket to hold your mastectomy form, consider a mastectomy camisole. Much like traditional camisoles, a mastectomy camisole is typically made of soft and lightweight material that drapes easily over your abdomen. However, it also contains pockets in the chest that are designed to hold mastectomy forms or surgical drains, and the soft material feels better on sensitive chest skin following mastectomy surgery than a more restrictive bra.

Avoid a Poor Fit

To begin, visit a mastectomy boutique to get properly fitted for any mastectomy garment. While many online retailers offer great products, there are specific challenges to fitting post-mastectomy bras and forms that an experienced salesperson will be able to address and overcome. A mastectomy boutique employs certified fitters who have worked with specific products and undergone training, including a NCOPE-approved mastectomy fitter educational course and numerous hours of fitting experience.

Certain designs will appeal to those who have struggled with uncomfortable or unsound mastectomy bras and garments. For instance, some breast forms may lead to excessive sweating and slipping, but a climate-control breast form with a gel layer to absorb heat and a fabric layer to pull moisture away from the skin will keep you much more comfortable. Some breasts forms are also made with a tab that works with specific bras to keep the form in place, and if falling straps are the issue, you may want to purchase an attachable band that will reach across your back to hold each bra strap. The knowledgeable staff in a mastectomy boutique will be able to recommend the perfect product for your specific issue.

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