Baby Swimsuits

Cute swimwear for your baby

When it comes to baby swimsuits, the "cute factor" often determines what you buy, but safety and UV protection are equally important for infant swimwear. Given the sensitivity of babies' skin, many parents choose pieces that offer more generous coverage and protection. However, you're safe with toddler swimwear that offers less coverage so long as you use a quality, waterproof sun block.

In addition to baby swimwear, there are a number of swim accessories that you should be sure to include in your collection. Pool safety is extremely important for very young swimmers, as accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Baby Swimsuits and Beyond

Baby swimwear for boys typically consists of snugly fitting briefs or trunks, and may be supplemented with a top. Toddler girls' swimwear is available both in one-piece suits and as swimwear separates, and apparel for both sexes can be had in a near-endless range of prints, patterns and colors.

Swim diapers are another popular choice. Also known as swim nappies, these items reduce the contaminating impact of in-pool "accidents." While chlorine will neutralize the effect of minor accidents, swim diapers still prevent the majority of waste from ever entering the water, which is certainly preferable. Swim diapers are made from polyurethane-lined cloth, making them inexpensive and machine washable.

Pool Accessories for Infants

Pool toys that double as floatation devices enhance water safety to a significant degree. Having a selection of floating pool toys around at all times ensures you'll always have something within arm's reach if and when you need it.

If you're teaching your baby how to swim, you'll want a set of what are commonly called "water wings." These inflatable accessories are designed to slip right onto your baby's arms, resting around their biceps. They help infants stay safe while mastering basic swimming techniques by assisting them in staying afloat as they practice what they've learned in their swimming lessons.

Floating foam boards are also popular pool accessories for children. These devices offer more stability and buoyancy than water wings and are frequently used in swimming classes to help teach children how to propel themselves forward with kicking motions.

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