Boys Swim Shorts

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Boys' swim shorts are available in several distinct styles and designs, including everything from basic boys' swim trunks to competition swimwear for aspiring Olympians. In many ways, boys' swimwear isn't much different than swim apparel designed for men; the styles are comparable, and they're usually made of the same materials (vinyl, polyester and synthetic blends). The only real difference is the size range.

When selecting a boys' swimsuit, you should consider the swimming conditions as well as the environment in which the swimsuit is most likely to be worn. You'll make different choices if your son is going to be swimming at a backyard pool than you will if, for example, he's a competitive swimmer or has an affinity for the beach.

Boys' Swim Shorts for Pool Swimming

Basic boys' swim shorts and boys' swim trunks are mainstays for casual use in backyard or community swimming pools. These options are comfortable, inexpensive and safe, and have a classic, timeless style that appeals to boys of all ages. Boys' swim shorts look a lot like underwear briefs, except that they're thicker, made of water-resistant materials and have mesh liners. Swim trunks, on the other hand, are longer and have loose leg holes. While they offer more leg coverage and a looser fit, some swimmers prefer shorts because it leaves their legs completely unimpeded. Sports swimwear is also available, and specially sized swim jammers are ideal if your son swims competitively.

Boys Swimwear for the Beach

While just about any piece of swimwear can be worn at the beach just as easily as at the pool, there are some designs that may have extra appeal if your family spends a lot of time in the sand during summer. Board shorts were originally an item of surfer clothing that made their way into the mainstream, and boys' board shorts are a very popular option.

Board shorts are similar to trunks, except the legs, while loose, are a bit narrower and extend down further. Most boys' board shorts reach down to the knees or, in some cases, slightly below the knees. They are made of quick-drying fabric, ensuring a quick and clean transition from water to dry land.

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