Girls Swimsuits

Fashionable swimwear for girls

Designers of girls' swimwear are creating exciting, innovative apparel that reflects the changing tastes of today's teens and accommodates the unique needs of younger girls. In broad terms, girls' swimsuits consist of one-piece designs that offer fuller coverage as well as a complete selection of swimwear separates.

Girls' bathing suits are typically categorized in three different ways: swimwear for infants and toddlers, swimwear for preteen girls and swimwear for teenage girls. Each category has a wide range of offerings, so having an idea what you're looking for before you begin to shop will help you save some time.

Girls' Swimwear for Toddlers and Preteens

At their simplest, swimsuits for infant girls and toddlers consist of one-piece designs that have special protective linings. Swim dresses with pleated skirting bordering the bottom half of the swimsuit are a cute option, and if your little girl is still prone to accidents, you can get baby swimsuits with diaper-like linings to prevent pool pollution.

Swimwear separates for toddlers and preteen girls are also available. They're fairly uniform in design, consisting of tops and bottoms that offer full coverage. Most of the variation is seen in the colors, prints and, to a lesser extent, the fabrics. Vinyl and polyester are the most common material used in girls' swimwear, though high-performance synthetics and even silks are available.

There's a little more variation in swimsuits for older preteen girls. While board shorts are typically worn by boys, there are also girls' board shorts available which can be combined with bikini tops or girls' tankinis to create a unique look. These pieces are especially popular in coastal regions of North America and Australia.

Swimsuits for Teenage Girls

Though girls' bikinis are available for younger consumers, those designed for the adolescent and teen market show a lot more variation, flair and style. A full selection of swimwear separates for teenage girls is available. Options for tops typically include halters, triangle-cut tops and bandeaus. Girls' bikini bottoms are equally varied, consisting of fuller-coverage items like scoops and swim skirts as well as more revealing and playful options like thongs and boy-cut bottoms.

Designers offer everything from solid-colored, understated pieces to wild and outrageous prints and patterns. You can also mix and match girls' bikini tops and bottoms to create a unique look all your own.

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