Mens Swimwear

Swimwear to suit any man

In recent years, designers have begun to offer more varied collections of men's swimwear than ever before. Products range from high-performance pieces designed for demanding physical activities like surfing and boogie boarding to bold, brazen and stylish options that are sure to grab attention during your next visit to the beach. You can also get enhancing swimwear for men that gives your frontal region a big boost.

Most men's swimsuits are made from a combination of nylon and Spandex, but polyester is favored for men's bathing suits that need to withstand heavy use and demanding conditions. You may need to try out several products to find the material and fit that's most comfortable for you, and getting a clear idea of the options available is the perfect way to begin your search.

Types of Swimwear for Men

Swim briefs are the classic swimwear choice for men. They look a lot like regular underwear briefs, but are made from polyester, nylon and/or Spandex and have an inner lining. Trunks are a very popular alternative, and are functionally identical except that they have longer, looser legs and look more like shorts than underwear briefs.

Board shorts are becoming increasingly popular with men of all ages as well as women. Originally a form of surf swimwear intended for high-performance aquatic activities, they have become fashionable and are now commonly used as everyday casual beach wear.

Swim jammers are a type of sports swimwear that are favored by competitive swimmers. They are typically tight and descend to the mid-thigh, offering excellent insulation, comfort and mobility.

The so-called "mankini" is a bold option if you're looking for a swimsuit that has some eye-grabbing flair. It has a unitard form with thin frontal coverage and typically leaves the buttocks exposed. If you're inclined to wear this type of men's swimsuit, you may also want to consider a men's swim thong, which doesn't rise up around the shoulders the way a typical mankini does.

These styles are available in larger sizes if you're looking for big men's swimwear as well as smaller options in case you're seeking young men's swimwear. You will find a complete selection of cuts, styles, colors and prints through traditional store-based retailers as well as online and specialty vendors.

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