Board Shorts

Get some surf style with long board shorts

Originally worn by surfers seeking below-the-knee coverage and protection, board shorts have now become a standard item of beach apparel. The defining feature of men's board shorts is their length, which features a loose-hanging leg opening that extends down to the knee or slightly lower. While they are primarily worn by males, ladies' board shorts are also available and can easily be combined with a bikini top to create a unique casual look.

Long board shorts enjoy most of their popularity in North America, though they are also commonly worn in Australia and South Africa. They are now made by most major designers and manufacturers of swim and beach apparel, though Billabong board shorts and Hurley board shorts continue to enjoy unprecedented popularity.

Features of Board Shorts

Most men's board shorts have a low-cut waist that rests just above the buttocks. Their waistbands are typically tighter than those found in swim trunks and other styles of men's swimwear, since they need to stand up to vigorous activity and a great deal of fluid motion. For a long time, it was standard for long board shorts to have a Velcro fly, but these are being increasingly phased out in favor of neoprene.

Men's board shorts are made from breathable, lightweight material. Polyester, nylon or a combination of both are usually favored. These quick-drying, high-performing fabrics are also rugged and durable, and are easily able to withstand continued vigorous use.

Popular Uses of Men's Board Shorts

Board shorts evolved as a key piece of surfing or boogie boarding apparel. Not only does the polyester or nylon protect the skin from the abrasive effects of constant contact with a surfboard, their design also ensures that they won't fall down if the rider snags them on something or takes a nasty spill.

More and more, board shorts are being worn by beach volleyball players as well. It's often necessary for a player to drop to his or her knees during the course of a game, and long board shorts provide protection against skin damage caused by sand and rough particles.

Primarily, though, board shorts are a fashion item. They're a favorite of casual beachgoers who want comfortable, stylish and lightweight apparel as they soak up the sun during a day at the beach.

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