Swim Trunks

Fashionable swim trunks for men

Swim trunks are a widely worn form of bathing suit for men, though they are also sometimes worn by women in tandem with a tankini or bikini top. Also known as swim shorts, they are very similar to standard bathing suits, except that they hang lower, usually to about the middle of the thigh, and have loose legs. This design provides excellent mobility and comfort.

While these long swim shorts don't come down as far as board shorts, which typically fall to knee length, men's swim trunks offer extra coverage that shields your legs from the potentially harmful effects of UV rays. Their casual look and easy style also hold a lot of appeal with younger consumers.

Facts about Swim Shorts

In the North American market, swim trunks are currently the most popular form of men's swimwear. They are typically made of nylon and feature a mesh inner liner, though designer brands are often crafted from other high-performance synthetic fabrics and materials. The major advantage of nylon swim shorts is that they dry quickly, making them a practical choice for a day at the beach.

Compared to standard boxer briefs, swim trunks have a truncated inseam. This allows them to rest more snugly against the wearer's frontal area, providing vital support and protection.

Choose the Right Men's Swim Trunks

The right fit is very important for both your comfort and your safety. First, you should know that it's rare for swim trunks to be fitted to a specific waist width. Instead, they have elastic waistbands that are designed to accommodate men across a range of weights and sizes. Typically, your options will include small, medium, large and extra-large, though extra-small and extra-extra-large sizes are also available.

You may find that the inner lining is too snug even though the waistband fits you perfectly, so you may need to shop around a bit. If you have unusual proportions, you may need to shop for specialty apparel or order a custom pair.

There are many companies that offer stylish, functional and comfortable swim shorts, but one of the world's most popular brands is Vilebrequin swim trunks. Based in St. Tropez, France, Vilebrequin is among the planet's leading producers of fashion swimwear for men.

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