Mens Underwear

Options for men's underwear fashions

Although briefs and boxers are the most familiar styles, there is a large variety of men's underwear to appeal to every individual and every occasion. From conventional white cotton to mesh underwear, the underwear fabric will affect comfort, support and appearance as much as the underwear style. You want to choose something that fits you well and feels good against your skin.

Whether you opt for cheap bulk underwear or expensive designer brands, you can stay cool, comfortable and supported if you keep a few basic underwear tips in mind. Learn what the different styles have to offer and find the underwear that works best for your lifestyle.

Functional Underwear for Men

One way of categorizing underwear is by the amount of coverage they can offer. Mens briefs range from full-leg coverage to barely-there support, and although they are the most traditional style, they remain popular for a variety of reasons. To begin, the body-hugging blended cotton will sit close to the body and provide some support without riding up. The waistband is typically wide and soft, and they can feature either an open-fly or no-fly style, depending on the amount of convenience or support you are looking for.

Keep in mind that fuller coverage does not necessarily equal more support—the moderate restriction that you'll need for sports or activity will come from a proper fit and the thickness of fabric, not the fact that they reach down to your thighs. In fact, some men prefer the thong style to the boxer brief because they feel that they get the support they need without any bulky coverage. On the other hand, too-tight underwear can lead to discomfort, and if this is your fear, you should probably opt for boxers.

Mens boxer underwear are considered by many to be the most comfortable fit, although they do have a tendency to bunch and limit range of motion. Excess fabric in the legs can be avoided with tapered boxers that have smaller leg openings but side vents to allow for greater movement. Although they generally have more visually appealing patterns and designs, boxers are not really suited to physical activity. A good middle ground is the boxer brief, though be sure the elastic is not too tight, especially around the leg openings.

Underwear Fashion

For some men, underwear fashion is just as important as function, and the market has responded with a wide range of bikini briefs and fashion thongs to rival the variety of women's underwear styles. In some cases, you will be sacrificing comfort for fashion, but some more stylish specimens bring the best of both worlds. Men's silk underwear comes in boxers, briefs and slinkier styles, and while it offers little support, no material feels better against your skin. You certainly won't find too much thermal underwear made from silk, but it's a sensual and comfortable choice for warmer weather.

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