Mens Boxer Underwear

Buying boxer shorts or boxer briefs

Boxers have come a long way since they were introduced to the boxing ring in 1925, and today's styles appeal to every comfort and design preference. Many men consider the loose, airy design of boxers to be more comfortable than briefs, and the simple construction ensures an easy fit. From traditional trunks to body-hugging boxer briefs, there is a style to suit every body type and a fabric to satisfy every comfort level.

To determine what type of men's boxers will be perfect for you, consider what sort of activity and outer wear you prefer. Do you lead an active lifestyle that demands breathability and support? Do you favor particularly slim-fitting clothing that looks best with seamless boxer underwear? Learn about the different styles and how to choose the fabric and cut that will keep you as comfortable as possible.

Types of Men's Boxers

Boxer shorts are the conventional style, featuring roomy construction and an open fly or simple button fly design. Rarely stretchy, they are designed to hang loosely from the body while held up by a covered elastic waist. Although some boxers have a specialized fly or an adjustable waistband, the most comfortable designs will avoid additional materials or accessories.

If you like the coverage of boxer shorts but prefer the functionality and support of a more fitted garment, boxer briefs are a better choice. While traditional boxer shorts tend to bunch and wrinkle, the stretchy cotton blends of boxer briefs hug the waist, hips and thighs. The key to finding a comfortable pair is to try out a few brands—for instance, the waist may fit well but the leg holes are too restrictive, or perhaps the shorts are too loose to provide adequate support. If shaping is a concern, consider a boxer brief style or mens shapewear that provides seamless support as well as compression to iron out any bulges.

The Right Men's Boxer Underwear for You

From basic cotton to slinky silk, men's boxer underwear comes in a variety of fabrics that are designed to slide nicely over your skin. If straightforward comfort is your thing, opt for an ultra-cozy cotton style that hugs your body just enough to prevent bunching without any unwelcome restriction. Check out the Essential Button Fly Boxer from the 2(x)ist brand, which is made of 100 percent cotton and features a covered elastic waistband and roomy fit. For a tighter fit, look to the Calvin Klein cotton boxer or the Diesel cotton stretch boxer. These snug styles will sit smoothly and seamlessly under slim-fitting pants.

If you want an airy, relaxed fit then consider traditional cotton or silk boxers. Cotton is the more conservative and economical version, but silk boxers offer a luxurious look and feel that other fabrics can't match. Magic Silk is a reputable brand of high-end underwear, and they offer a variety of sexy styles. For something more practical and cost-effective, go for a generic brand of charmeuse silk boxers—they will offer the same silky feeling, but at a lower price.

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