Men's Briefs

Choosing briefs over boxers

If the airy, bunchy feeling of boxers is not your idea of comfort, it's time to explore the wide world of men's briefs. Supportive, form-fitting and comfortable, the brief has regained acclaim among male shoppers who are in tune with their comfort and sense of style. Although generic white cotton briefs still exist, briefs are no longer limited by one style and one material. In fact, the range of fabric, features and fashions can make underwear shopping an involved process if you don't know what type suits you best. Learn what the popular styles have to offer and stock up on some stylish yet functional underwear.

Briefs or Boxers?

While many agree that supportive briefs are more comfortable than mens boxer underwear, some are deterred by risks of infertility. Contrary to popular belief, neither men's briefs nor boxers have been connected to fertility issues, as there is no evidence to support the claim that the temperature of the testicles is affected by underwear. Your choice of underwear should therefore be based your personal style and comfort preferences.

There are further specific briefs style elements to consider, such as fly or no fly, 100 percent cotton or blended material and full-coverage briefs versus bikini briefs. Although briefs made entirely from cotton are extremely comfortable, the stretch that comes with a cotton/spandex or Lycra blend can result in a better fit and more support. If support is a primary concern, you will likely want to go with no-fly briefs—they may not be as convenient as the fly-front style, but they look seamless and keep you more secure.

In addition to their comfort and support, briefs can help shape the body and smooth bulges to accentuate a slim or muscular figure. Men's padded underwear is becoming a hot fashion trend, and for good reason—they lift and emphasize the butt, creating a healthy, muscular silhouette. On the other hand, men's thong underwear will be your best choice for showing off a naturally sculpted figure, ensuring a completely seamless look.

The Best Men's Briefs

A popular brand for comfort is 2(x)ist briefs. They may not have the trendy styling of some more fashion-forward underwear, but these cotton briefs do their job well—they will keep you comfortable and supported, and they will stand up to years of laundering. If you are looking for more style, consider a designer brand like Diesel, Armani or Calvin Klein. For the most comfortable fit, opt for a style that has a wide waistband and is made from soft, stretchy cotton.

A sporty alternative to basic briefs is a stretchy cotton/bamboo blend that is designed to wick away sweat and stay put while you exercise. Often finished with a micro-fiber waistband and a no-fly crotch, these briefs are meant to stay comfortable, breathable and supportive through any sport or activity. Look into brands like Bike, Brute, Andiamo and PCP Champion for top quality and support. If biking is your activity of choice, consider padded sports briefs that are designed to cushion as well as support.

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