Thermal Underwear

Conquer cold weather with long johns

While thermal underwear in sometimes worn to bed in the winter by people who would otherwise sleep in a T-shirt or undershirt and shorts or underwear, it is primarily designed to provide an extra layer of warmth for those venturing outside on a cold day. Long underwear is a staple of winter outdoor activity enthusiasts. It helps you retain body heat and promotes the use of multiple thinner layers of clothing rather than fewer layers of bulkier apparel that will keep you warm but limit your mobility.

If you're going to wear thermal underwear as part of a layered ensemble, it is best paired with middle layers including an additional shirt, a turtleneck, fleece or thinner sweater, and an outer layer that offers wind resistance and promoted heat retention. Of course, you'll also need protection for your head, ears and extremities to complete your outfit.

While long underwear was traditionally made of cotton and cotton blends, just like regular underwear, this can be a bit of a problem if you're active during cold weather. Today, there are alternatives available which will appeal to you if you're looking for higher-performance long johns and long undershirts.

Thermal Underwear for Active People

Because winter underwear rests so close to the skin and covers most of your body, it can make you sweat. Cotton is highly absorbent, and lingering sweat odors can result even if you wash your cotton long underwear promptly after each use.

The solution is to get long underwear made of alternative fabrics that have wicking capability. Wicking underwear spreads evenly across your skin and dries very quickly, even when it's the innermost layer of clothing you're wearing. It won't retain much in the way of odor, but if you're particularly concerned about that, you can get thermal underwear that has been specially formulated to resist odors.

Stylish and Comfortable Long Underwear

Both men and women can also get thermal underwear that's designed to look great while providing an extra layer of warmth. Wool long underwear is preferred by many people for casual wear, while women in particular may be drawn to the sensual feel of long silk underwear.

Whatever you choose, make sure to take careful, accurate measurements before you buy. This will prevent your long underwear from bunching up and fitting too tightly beneath your regular clothes.

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