Undershirt styles for men

Undershirts are about function more than fashion—they are "behind-the-scenes" garments that keep you dry and comfortable without showing through your outfit. When worn underneath a dress shirt, a T-shirt style or sleeveless undershirt prevents underarm sweat stains and can help you save on dry cleaning by preventing unsavory odors from leaching into your dress shirt. You may even find that a fitted undershirt sits nicely under your T-shirts and doubles as a pajama top. Learn about the types of undershirts that are available and how to find the right one for you before you make your purchase.

Types of Men's Undershirts

From sleeveless to V-neck undershirts, you can find a shirt to suit any occasion. Your fabric choices are typically straight cotton or cotton blends—100 percent cotton is softer against your skin, but a cotton/Lycra or cotton/polyester blend will offer a bit of stretch to allow the shirt to fit your form. Depending on the purpose of the shirt, you should consider particular style elements as well, such as neckline and sleeve length. If you are simply looking for a comfy undershirt that is light enough to sit under a T-shirt and relaxed enough to sleep in, opt for a no-frills short- or long-sleeve undershirt. Some of the most comfortable styles can become components of mens pajamas as well.

Although they are simple and straightforward garments, one undershirt style won't be ideal for all bodies or all occasions. Comfort is the primary feature you're looking for, so a too-tight neck or a bulky fit will totally defeat the purpose of the undershirt. Luckily, there is a range of styles and fabrics available, and although the variations are subtle, they can make the difference between a regular addition to your wardrobe and a forgotten rag that sits in the back of your clothing drawer.

Choosing Your Undershirts

If you're choosing an undershirt to wear underneath your dress shirts, don't ruin your polished look with the wrong color or style. Instead look for the thinnest material you can find and be sure to match the color of your undershirt with the color of your dress shirt to ensure the undershirt remains invisible. Also consider the cut of the shirt compared to the cut of the undershirt: a fitted shirt over a relaxed cotton undershirt may look strange.

Length is a concern for the comfort-conscious tall man. Be sure that the undershirt is long enough to tuck into your pants—any undershirt that doesn't stay put will end up bunching at the belt and you'll be struggling to smooth your outfit all day long. A good long undershirt choice is the Hanes Premium brand, made of comfortable cotton and very reasonably priced. Alternatively, you can opt for specialty department store brands like Alfani that have a longer-than-average cut.

You may be surprised by which style you find most comfortable, so sample a few different brands and cuts before you stock your undershirt drawer. A high round neckline may sound constricting, but you may enjoy the snug feeling. Whether you opt for cheap bulk undershirts or durable designer labels, a versatile undershirt can keep your closet of shirts looking and feeling crisp and clean.

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