Find figure-flattering control shapewear

From bumps to bulges, shapewear can take care of any threat to your silhouette. There is a vast variety of styles, shapes and levels of compression to choose from, so it can be tough to find something that is both supportive and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

While body shapewear can stretch from the shoulders to the legs, some shaping garments are designed to target one specific area—the piece that works best for you will depend on the degree of compression that you need and whether you want to hide or enhance a certain feature. Learn how shapewear works with your body, the advantages of different styles and how to choose the piece that will balance comfort and function to keep you happy and confident.

About Body Shapewear

Women's shapewear is designed with specific areas of the body in mind—namely, the waist, hips, butt and thighs. The aim is to smooth the lines of the body, accentuating the natural curves and restoring a healthy, toned look. And while shapewear began as the modern-day answer to the form-squeezing ladies' corset and girdle of days gone by, it is now a familiar item in the closets of both women and men. Mens shapewear is designed with some additional areas in mind, such as the chest and back, but the effect is similar to the styles meant for women: a smooth, straight and confident silhouette.

Most shapewear is constructed from elasticized material, such as nylon, Lycra, spandex or a blend of stretchy and soft material to keep you both ventilated and supported. The thickness of the fabric will determine the degree of compression, and while girdles tend to have a relatively thick layer of fabric all over, some lightweight body shapers will offer an extra fabric layer for more compression only at the waist and hips. Although some shapewear is simply pulled on, girdles that offer the firmest support will often have a number of closures so you can adjust the level of compression to suit your needs.

Types of Control Shapewear

Some shapewear is universal in its function, while other types are suited to particular uses or outfits. For instance, shapewear slips are designed to be worn under slim-fitting dresses or skirts, while an open-bottom body suit will be great with skinny pants. Since the compression of shapewear is not really designed to accentuate the bust, you will want to find a camisole with either a built-in bra or a low scoop neck to allow you to wear your own bra underneath.

While lightweight slips and bodysuits will smooth and flatten, they are not typically designed to tighten the waist. A girdle will be the best waist cincher, which can come in a full-body garment or a tube that wraps around the abdomen. Look online for shapewear reviews to begin the search for your perfect undergarment.

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