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Body shapers have become enormously popular in recent years, replacing more traditional and restrictive shapewear in many closets. They are suited to any body type and any occasion, and you can choose from a huge selection of styles and a variety of lightweight fabric blends. If you want to sport a new dress with confidence and flair, look to a full-body shaper that will work behind the scenes to keep a smooth figure all day. Or perhaps you want to slim your hips and eliminate panty lines—in that case, a smaller piece will suffice. There is a reason so many women have turned to the body shaper; find out what the hype is about and how to choose the perfect piece for your style and your body.

About Body Shapers

If you want to smooth your figure comfortably, a full-body shaper or body shaper underwear may be just what you're looking for. Most body shapers for women are made from comfortable Lycra, nylon and spandex, and unlike the rigid structure of the girdle, popular body shapers are designed to move with your body instead of restricting its movement. Instead of a tightly cinched waist and a lifted butt, shapewear will lend a seamless, toned look.

The thicker the material, the more pressure you will feel. Some full-body shapers are designed with open bottoms for greater comfort and ventilation, and others will provide straps and an ultra-low scoop neckline to let you wear any bra you choose. For those who prefer smaller pieces to full coverage, consider a body briefer that is designed to handle one familiar problem area.

While full-body shapers will slim and lift everything at once, some body shaping products are designed to target the hips and butt. Brands like Spanx have introduced seamless body shaper underwear with a soft, wide and reinforced waistband to get rid of any tummy bulge and smooth the sides of the waist. For more thigh control, a bicycle short style will offer a bit more coverage.

Body Shapers for Women

While most body shapers come in neutral shades, some brands market their garments to be as attractive as they are effective. Sleek black bustiers or sparkly camisoles can work with an outfit instead of hiding underneath, which makes the investment really worthwhile. For formal occasions that call for a strapless dress, you will need a strapless body shaper with a built-in underwire bra to ensure your chest is supported instead of compressed.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a body shaper is size. Many women choose a piece that's too small for their body, which will result in a pinching, bulging and generally uncomfortable day. Be sure to take your body measurements accurately to get a good fit, but try on the body shaper as well to make sure that it feels comfortable. If a full-body shaper fits your hips but not your chest, don't bother buying it. Instead, go with separate pieces or a suit that allows you to wear your own bra.

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