Men's Shapewear

Lose your love handles with a men's body shaper

Shapewear is not just for women anymore, as many men have begun to shrug off their misconceptions about masculinity and don slimming garments under business and evening wear alike. Similar to women's shapewear, shaping underwear for men is designed to smooth bulges and bumps around the waist, but it also tends to focus on flattening the chest. The aim is to achieve a smooth and straight silhouette which will exude health and confidence. Whether you want to enhance a certain body part or hide a flaw, there are shaping garments made specifically for the male anatomy—find out what types of men's shapewear is available and how to choose the style and size that will work best for your body.

Types of Men's Shapewear

Padded underwear is a new favorite for both men and women, as it can quickly and comfortably lend a healthy boost to the butt. Men's padded underwear typically resemble boxer briefs, but with concealed pockets at the back that contain two foam or silicone pads. Like conventional mens briefs they are often made of breathable brushed cotton blended with some spandex to retain their shape. There is a double layer of material in the front and the back to ensure a seamless appearance and good support.

Padded briefs are great enhancers, but if you're going for the opposite effect, you'll need a different type of shapewear. Depending on the amount of support needed, a men's body shaper can range in style and coverage from a tightly fitted undershirt to a full-body men's girdle. While a sleeveless undershirt will streamline the chest and abdomen, a girdle for men will provide the most compression and is ideal for those who want to smooth the whole torso and thighs. Typically built from sturdy elasticized fabric with different levels of compression at different points, girdles will tighten the waist, smooth the sides of the abdomen, and if you opt for a full-body model, flatten the chest and back.

What to Look for in a Men's Body Shaper

If you're not yet sold on the merits of men's shapewear, consider the health benefits. Not only can a men's body shaper firm up the chest and smooth out belly bulges, it will provide noticeable support for the lower back and can improve posture instantly. In fact, body shapers may even provide the pressure that's necessary for proper organ and spine function, which is why similar products are used for post-surgical recovery.

Of course, comfort will be as important as function if the garment will get any use at all, so consider how much restriction will suit your style and your body. For the most support, be sure to find a product that is made from a breathable yet sturdy material, with reinforced patches over the areas that need more control. A men's body shaper with several closures will provide versatility, allowing you to adjust the level of compression as you wish.

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