Padded Underwear

Padded briefs create a plump rump

Padded underwear has recently grown in popularity, given its simple comfort and enticing claim. It is designed with curves in mind, aiming to boost the butt and enhance an average silhouette. How does it accomplish this and still look natural? There are a few leading brands that have introduced some seamless styles with comfort in mind, using a selection of materials to achieve a natural look. Learn about the various butt enhancer designs, how they work and which kinds of padded panties will best suit your body and your style.

About Padded Underwear

Padded underwear contains two butt pads that are contoured on the inside and the outside to fit the natural curves of the body, and are held in place by special pockets. Depending on the brand, the pads are either sewn in or can be removed and replaced for more versatility and easy cleaning. Like regular women's panties or mens briefs, the underwear is generally made from soft, comfortable material that hugs your body without constricting your legs or abdomen. In fact, it is typically designed to sit below your natural waist, with a relaxed elastic band to hold the garment up without pinching your skin.

Since the butt pads are designed to cover the whole bottom area, padded briefs usually resemble boxer briefs for men, or the boy shorts style for women. The pads are generally either made of foam or silicone, both of which adjust with the weight and compression of your clothing to make for a natural-looking silhouette. The pads you choose to wear will really depend on the level of authenticity you're after—while the foam pads are lightweight, silicone padded panties offer a realistic feel from the outside.

What to Look for in Padded Panties

If you would like to combine the smoothing effects of body shapers with the enhancing effects of padded underwear, look for a style that reaches up to cover the tummy and provides more compression around the hips. If you want to add a little more shape all around, you can find padded underwear that offers removable pads for the hips as well as the butt.

Any type of underwear should be comfortable and breathable, so look for padded panties that are made of a soft combed cotton and Lycra blend that will hold their shape and resist pilling. Since it will be easier to wash your padded underwear in the washing machine instead of by hand, removable butt pads may be more convenient that their built-in counterparts. Another perk to removable pads is that you can buy an extra set that provides either less or more padding to get a more pronounced or understated look with a particular outfit.

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