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The huge assortment of shapewear on the market can make for difficult shopping decisions, especially for those who have never tried out this particular type of foundation garment. All shapewear is not created equal—and a style that is great for one body may be just plain uncomfortable for another. While most shapewear is constructed from comfortable and stretchy nylon blends, the thickness of the fabric, placement of the elastic and areas of compression can vary widely.

From well-known companies like Spanx to less familiar brands, shapewear reviews can save you some time and effort in the search for the perfect body shaper. Find out what brands offer some notable features and what drawbacks you can expect from some of the most popular styles available.

Shapewear Reviews for Specific Body Parts

There is a reason why Spanx has garnered so much press over recent years—their shapewear is revered as some of the most comfortable and effective on the market. Many women appreciate the brand's leg wear, which tends to fit snugly without pinching, bulging or riding up. In fact, Spanx is now marketing its own clothing, like the Bod-a-Bing Pants with built-in controlling shapewear. On the other hand, they offer more compression than other brands and their body suits may flatten more than lift.

Body Wrap shapewear is a popular choice for control and compression, with its breathable Lycra and tactel fabric blend that offers exceptional support. Although it is not as durable as other brands, Body Wrap shapewear is a great choice for everyday wear—many women swear by their full coverage body shapers that offer built-in underwire bras.

The best shapewear for the butt will lift and smooth, which can be a tall order for simple nylon blends. Some products like the Bubbles line are designed like regular panties with extra support, while the Body Wrap leg control shapewear tends to focus on firming the behind. The fashion-friendly Assets leg wear offers full-leg tights with a stylish pattern for the legs and a push-up effect for the butt.

Other Shapewear Features to Consider

Sure, your shapewear should fit great and fulfill all of its promises, but it can also be a pretty big expense, so you will want it to stand up to everyday wear and frequent washing. Durability is an issue for many users, and it will fluctuate according to different fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

Flexees shapewear is one popular brand that is known for its seamless yet sturdy construction. The nylon and elastane fabric is soft but able to stand up to laundering better than some other more expensive brands. However, some women find that the straps of the body suits and camisoles are too wide and the arm holes too small to be comfortable, so you will want to try it on first to ensure it will comfortably adjust to the shape of your body.

Although much shapewear closely resembles swimwear, it will not necessarily hold up in the water. However, Miraclesuit shapewear has become well known for making a variety of swimwear styles to enhance the hourglass figure and patterns that cleverly disguise bulges and bumps. Famous for the claim that their swimwear will make you appear 10 pounds lighter, the Miraclesuit is a great choice for the fashion conscious as well as the body conscious.

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