Shapewear Slips

A body shaping slip controls your curves

If you have wrestled with bumps and bulges in your favorite dresses, a body shaping slip may be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Regardless of body shape, few women have naturally smooth curves. Moreover, different dresses tend to highlight different problematic areas. Instead of sticking to one simple style or shying away from fitted dresses altogether, look into a piece of slip shapewear to smooth out your silhouette or a full body girdle slip for maximum control all over. Learn what a body shaper slip can do for your body and what to look for in each style to make sure you stay comfortable all day.

What Shapewear Slips Can Do

Unlike the traditional slip, which merely acts as an extra lining for the dress, the shapewear slip will work to erase lumps and bumps and pave the way for a sleek look. A body shaper slip can come in a range of lengths and styles to accommodate any dress or skirt that you choose, and you can select a level of control to accommodate your specific body issues.

The body shaper slip will generally focus on smoothing your silhouette and hiding panty lines, while some styles are designed to provide extra bust support as well. A sleeved slip will slim and tone your upper arms instantly and it's the ideal style for long-sleeved dresses. If you tend to wear a variety of dress styles, opt for a shapewear slip that has convertible straps to work with traditional, halter or crossed strap styles. Most shapewear slips also feature seamless edging, which will only add to that sleek and polished look that you're after.

Types of Slip Shapewear

If you're worried about the heat and discomfort that can come from an extra layer of clothing, rest assured that this support garment bears little resemblance to the stuffy and bunching womens slips of days gone by. Slip shapewear is typically made from lightweight and breathable material like nylon, Lycra and even lace, which will offer gentle compression without pinching. For more control, consider a girdle slip that is designed with different levels of compression for different areas of your body—these will tighten the waist and lift the butt more than a lightweight shapewear slip, and they often have a higher back panel to diminish back bulges.

Another concern involves range of motion. Given the slightly restrictive nature of the body shaping slip, it is logical to assume that your gait may be affected. Look for slips with an "easy walk hem" that sits low enough to cover any problem areas but high enough to let your legs move freely. Before you buy, be sure that you try on the slip and walk around a bit to see how it moves with your stride.

Many shapewear slips have underwire bras built into the garment, which can be a nice convenience. However, if your measurements don't conform to the typical sizing chart, the slip likely won't fit your whole body properly. Instead of sacrificing bulge up top for slimming on the bottom, find a slip that will allow for a bra of your choosing or opt for a half-slip that begins just below your bust.

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