Rest easy in comfortable men's or women's pajamas

The world of sleepwear includes a wide range of apparel specifically designed for men, women and children. In general, women have the widest range of sleepwear options to choose from, as their repertoire of nighttime apparel and lounge wear consists of many different fashionable and functional items. This is because studies suggest that women use sleepwear far more often than men do – recent surveys show that only 13 percent of men wear night apparel to bed, compared to 55 percent of women. It only makes sense that designers would choose to concentrate their efforts on a consumer segment that demonstrates a much higher demand for their products.

Thus, the lounge wear styles designed for males consist mainly of mens pajamas, with a few interesting variations. Finally, there's quite a bit of variation available for children.

Sleepwear and Pajamas for Adults

The long list of ladies' sleep and lounge apparel includes alluring and exciting options like negligees and babydolls to more understated options like chemises, womens slips, nightgowns and, of course, pajamas. Beyond pajamas, men's sleep apparel consists mainly of robes and slippers. In fact, consumer polls show that most men simply sleep in boxers or briefs and their undershirts.

For both men and women, pajamas come in many variations. Popular options include toasty-warm fleece pajamas and flannel pajamas, light and airy cotton pajamas, and luxurious silk pajamas. Prices range from economical to premium, depending on the designer and the material used.

Children's Sleepwear

Just like sleepwear for adults, there are many different items available for children, with most of the variations designed for little girls. Essentially, girls have many of the same options available as adult women do, primarily including slips, chemises, nightgowns and pajamas. Boys' sleepwear consists almost exclusively of one-piece pajama sets or two-piece separates, though there are many different options within those two categories. You can get everything from pajamas featuring your child's favorite superhero to understated solid colors and simple patterns.

Footed pajamas are a favorite for infants and babies, as one-piece jumpers that offer a lot of body coverage are simple for parents to put on and safe for very young children to wear. It's also common practice for parents to get seasonal sleepwear sets for their children so they stay nice and warm during cold weather but stay cool during the warmer months.

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