Kids Pajamas

Footed pajamas and more

Kids' pajamas are typically bright and vibrant, featuring cute and fun prints and designs that include everything from animal, nature and sports themes to superheroes. Typically made from polyester or specially treated cotton, kids' pajamas are specially designed to be extra-cozy, comfy and warm. Most sleep apparel designed for babies and toddlers are one-piece outfits, while boys' pajamas and girls' pajamas are available in single-piece designs, pajama sets and sleepwear separates.

Many parents have noted that babies can be very fussy about what they wear to sleep, so if you're having a hard time getting your new bundle of joy into his or her PJs, or if you're finding that your baby has a lot of sleep disturbances, you might want to try out a different set of pajamas. For older children, keep in mind that pajamas are not the only option, particularly for girls. Some girls enjoy the comfort and simplicity of single-piece sleep shirts and nightgowns designed especially for young ladies.

Baby Sleepwear and Toddler Sleepwear

Footed pajamas are a very popular option for both infants and toddlers, especially in cooler weather. When your child's feet stay warm, his or her entire body stays warm, and these snug yet comfortable pajamas are said to promote better circulation and stability of body temperature.

Drop-seat baby sleepwear and toddler sleepwear makes it easy for parents to gain access in case of a nighttime accident, and both parents and children find these designs easy to deal with during toilet training.

Safety Considerations for Girls and Boys Sleepwear

All baby sleepwear, toddler sleepwear and kids pajamas sold in the United States are subject to special requirements to ensure they are fire-resistant. These requirements do not apply to womens pajamas, mens pajamas, or any other type of sleepwear intended for adult use.

If you're interested in making your own kids pajamas, it is vital that you use flame-resistant fabric and select a pattern that will yield a snugly fitting final result. While there are non-flammable cotton blends on the market, polyester is commonly used in kids' pajamas because of its excellent flame and heat resistance.

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