Men's Pajamas

Pajama pants and nightshirts for men

There isn't quite as much variation in men's sleepwear as you'll find in the world of women's night apparel, but even so, men's pajamas are available in a wide range of interesting, comfortable and fashionable varieties.

At its simplest, men's sleepwear consists of nightshirts and pajama pants as well as full pajama sets. As with womens pajamas, four fabrics dominate: cotton, flannel, silk and satin.

While many men are most comfortable sleeping in undershirts and a pair of briefs or boxers, you can supplement your men's sleepwear collection with additional apparel and accessories, especially robes and slippers.

Materials Used in Men's Sleepwear

Beyond the pattern, print and/or color, the material of your new men's pajamas is the main consideration you'll need to make. Each fabric has different properties and is better-suited to certain conditions. Here's a breakdown of the main characteristics of each of the four main fabrics:

  • Cotton. Economical, easy to care for, durable and breathable, cotton is the most common fabric used in men's pajamas. Because it's lighter yet still provides some insulation, many men find cotton pajamas are ideally worn during times of year when days are warm but nights are cool. They are also an excellent choice if you sleep in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Flannel. Men's flannel pajama pants and shirts provide extra warmth and have a very soft, luxurious feel. They're a popular option for the cold nights of late autumn, winter and early spring. Typically derived from cotton, cotton blends or wool, flannel pajamas are highly absorbent and offer high elasticity.
  • Silk. Men's silk pajamas are light, airy and smooth to the touch. While it is one of the strongest natural fibers, it offers only moderate resistance to abrasion, so be sure to care for your silk pajamas according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Satin. With its unique sheen, satin pajamas are a favorite choice of fashion-conscious men who still want a high-performing fabric that offers some warmth. Satin is a very strong fabric that looks fantastic, won't shrink, resists stretching and doesn't wrinkle.

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