Curl up in a cozy bath robe

Both men's robes and women's robes are versatile items of clothing that can be used as comfy lounge wear just before going to bed or just after getting up, and also as cover-ups when stepping out of a sauna or swimming pool, or after emerging from a warm bath or shower during cooler weather. Robes come in many different styles and are made from numerous fabrics, each of which is particularly well-suited to certain uses. Absorbent materials, for example, are ideal for bath robes, while richer and more luxurious materials are better choices if fashion and intimacy are the order of the day.

Both men's robes and women's robes are typically paired with slippers to create a comfy ensemble that's perfect for lounging around the house during the late evening or early morning. They're usually designed to fall to about knee length, though some robes (particularly women's robes) are shorter.

Materials Used in Robes and Bath Robes

The preferred material in a given robe depends a lot on its intended application. Many bath robes, for example, are made from terry cloth. The advantage of a terry robe is that it can absorb any excess moisture that may be lingering on your skin after a bath or shower while staying fluffy and soft. Terry robes are also machine-washable, making them very easy to care for, and resist abrasions very well due to the thicker nature of the fabric.

While terry robes are a type of cotton robe, there are other robes made from cotton blends which are lighter and airier. Also known as housecoats, cotton robes are perfect if you want to create a layered look for indoor lounging. They easily slip on over pajamas, providing an extra layer of warmth on cold nights during the autumn and winter.

You can also get fashion robes made from higher-end materials like silk and satin. These fabrics are sumptuous to the touch, feel wonderful against your skin, and hold up well even when worn on a daily basis.

Different Robe Styles to Consider

Double-breasted robes that tie around the waist are common, but they're certainly not your only option. You can get robes with hoods, button-down and zip-up robes, and comfy one-piece pullovers. All these variations are available in the full range of materials, so you can match your preferred style with your preferred fabric to enjoy optimal comfort and the right look.

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