Find your feet the right men's or women's slippers

Also known as house shoes, slippers are a type of comfort footwear typically paired with lounge wear and worn indoors. Most slippers are designed with semi-closed styles and slip right onto the foot, though options with straps and even laces are also available.

It is common for both men's slippers and women's slippers to have their insoles lined with a soft natural fabric for optimal warmth and comfort, a feature which also allows them to be worn with or without socks. Since they aren't usually designed for outdoor wear and don't have to withstand the rigors of heavy use, slippers are also much lighter than regular shoes.

Styles of Men's Slippers and Women's Slippers

At their simplest, though, slippers usually consist of a rubber sole, though memory foam is becoming increasingly widespread. The body of a simple, straightforward slipper is usually covered with a soft fabric such as treated cotton.

Popular styles of slippers include open-toed scuff slippers and mule slippers, which slip on easily and are almost always covered in soft, fuzzy fabric. You can also get indoor moccasins and clogs, slippers that mimic the design of flip flops and comfortable slipper socks. Moccasin- and clog-style slippers are best if you prefer closed toes, and they make a great choice if foot warmth is your primary concern. Flip-flop slippers are much like scuff slippers, except with thinner toe bands. Slipper socks are usually made from thick, warm material with yielding but tough soles.

Most slipper styles are available in a range of materials. Shearling slippers and sheepskin slippers are very popular with members of both sexes, and suede slippers offer a little more flair and style while feeling soft against bare feet.

Choose the Right Fit

Getting slippers that fit properly is very important. You should take every precaution that you would when buying a pair of shoes to prevent slippage, which can cause blisters on your toes or heels.

In the store, try both slippers on and walk around while wearing them. They should fit snugly but comfortably, without any foot movement. If you're buying open-toed slippers that lack heels, make sure the strap fits comfortably between your toes and keeps the slipper relatively stable while you're walking. If you're planning to wear the slippers without socks, remember to compensate slightly – it's not good etiquette to try on shoes in stores while barefoot.

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