Beach Bags

Find a great beach tote bag

Beach bags are perfect for storing all the essentials you'll need to take full advantage of your time in the sunshine. Also known as beach totes, these accessories are as stylish as they are functional and can make the ideal complement to your wardrobe of summertime swimwear.

Typically, beach tote bags are rectangular in shape, with cavernous openings that offer generous storage capacity. They usually have a pair of handles sewn into the middle of both top edges, though you can also get beach totes with attached or detachable shoulder straps as well. They're perfect for storing sunscreen, suntan lotion, snacks and drinks, and accessories like swim goggles and sunglasses.

Types of Beach Bags

Typically, beach bags are made of one of three materials: plastic, canvas or mesh. Plastic beach totes are waterproof and easy to clean, though they can get very hot when left out in the sun. Canvas beach bags are lightweight and machine washable, but you have to be careful about the heaviness of the items you're storing in them as they tend to have more limited weight capacities. Finally, mesh beach bags offer one key advantage: they're see-through. You won't have to rifle through a fully packed bag looking for the item you need, as you'll easily be able to spot it through the mesh construction.

Popular Styles of Swim Bags

Tote bags come in a full range of styles, including everything from no-nonsense mono-colored options that have an understated, functional appeal to vibrant colors, prints and patterns. Many designers use dramatically different colors for the body of the bag and its handles and trim, pairing white with red, beige with blue, and so on.

Beach totes also come in a complete selection of sizes. If you want functional portability for just a few essential items, a smaller bag will probably best serve your needs. On the other hand, if you're taking your family to the beach for the day, you'll probably need a larger size to accommodate all the products and accessories you'll want to bring.

As beach bags are typically the domain of women, mixing and matching is a common practice. Thinking about how your swim bag will work with the rest of your beach wardrobe will help you make a more stylish and satisfying choice.

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