Beach Towels

Which beach towel is best for you?

Beach towels are a must-have accessory if you're planning to spend a day in the sand, and they're available in several different fabrics and a dizzying array of prints and colors.

Typically, beach towels are larger than regular bath towels and are intended for multiple functions. Large beach towels can absorb a lot of water, making them an easy choice for drying off after getting out of the water. Their generous surface area also makes them ideal for lying down on the sand as you lounge in the sunshine, and they can also be used for privacy in case you have to change into your swim trunks or back into your clothes while you're out in the open.

Materials Used in Beach Towels

Cotton beach towels are the most common. More specifically, they are often made from terrycloth, a looped fabric that has the ability to absorb a lot of moisture. Terrycloth and cotton also dry relatively quickly, and thicker cotton beach towels are especially comfortable to the touch.

Velour beach towels are a popular alternative, though they're best used as blankets for lying on the sand or as privacy-enhancing accessories. This fabric, while soft and luxurious to the touch, isn't particularly well-known for its water absorbency.

Creative Options for Beach Towels

You aren't limited to traditional towels if you want a blanket-like spread that can absorb water during your day at the beach. Manufacturers now offer unique beach blankets that fold up into compact sizes for easy transport and come with their own water-resistant, colorful carrying case. These products are easy to care for and are fully machine-washable, so you won't have to worry about them getting stained or soiled.

Personalized beach towels are also a lot of fun if you don't mind spending a little extra. The great fun of personalized beach towels is that they let you get as expressive and creative as you want to be; you can choose an understated piece with emblazoned initials or go as far as getting an image of you and your family sewn right into the fabric. Manufacturers of personalized beach towels offer a full selection of colors, materials, prints and patterns to choose from.

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