Sarongs, pareos, sun dresses and more!

Coverups are swimwear accessories worn almost exclusively by women. They are used to add a touch of flair and style to a swimsuit ensemble and help women maintain modesty during a day at the beach or by the side of a pool.

Beach coverups also offer a degree of protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays. They are available in numerous distinct styles, including everything from fashionable sarongs to stylish sun dresses. Swim coverups are typically colorful and are made from luxurious light and airy fabrics that feel delightful against your skin. Investigating your options will help you find the piece that perfectly complements the rest of your beach wardrobe.

Types of Beach Coverups

As a very visible womens swimwear accessory, coverups naturally come in many different variations and range from sexy and suggestive to modest and protective. Broadly speaking, you can choose between sun dresses that offer fuller coverage and sun skirts that wrap only around the lower half of your body. If you opt for a sun skirt, you can supplement it with a shawl for your chest and shoulders.

Sun dresses come in all kinds of styles, from slender, light and breezy tunics and kimonos that slip on over the head to form-fitting maxi dresses. You can also get shorter smocked dresses that offer generous torso coverage yet are playfully short, descending only to the upper thigh.

Sun skirts are flirty fashion accessories which wrap around the waist and are usually designed to tie higher up on one side or the other, creating a unique and sensual effect. There are two variations which are very popular with women around the world: sarongs and pareos. Both these items fit the general description of a sun skirt, but sarongs are longer while pareos are shorter.

Traditionally speaking, coverups are primarily intended as fashion pieces. While they do offer a measure of protection against UV rays, you're much better off with specially designed sun blocking clothing if your primary purpose is to shield your skin from sun damage.

While coverups are made from a wide range of fabrics, silky blends and cool linens are the most common. As you would expect, they come in an endless selection of prints and colors that let you mix and match them with the other pieces in your swimwear collection.

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