Flip Flops

Get a great pair of beach sandals

Flip flops are a form of thong sandals that are commonly made of waterproof material and have unique Y-shaped toe straps. Both women's flip flops and men's flip flops are popular items of casual footwear and are very comfortable for everyday wear, but they're most commonly seen at the beach.

Choosing the right pair of beach sandals is very important, though. You've got to get just the right fit or you'll risk getting blisters or abrasions between your toes that could lead to infections. Of course, style is a very important consideration, and you have many different options to choose from.

Get the Right Fit from Your Flip Flops

With both adult and kids' flip flops, the number one thing to look for is a toe strap that feels natural and keeps the sandal firmly in place with each step you take. If it's loose, your flip flops will shift around as you walk and won't be comfortable.

As with water shoes, or any other type of footwear for that matter, you should always try on both the left and right shoe when you're in the store, and be sure to walk around rather than remain stationary. If the shoes don't feel right the first time you try them on, chances are you'll never be able to get used to them and would be better off selecting another pair.

Styles of Beach Sandals

Traditional men's flip flops and women's flip flops have flat soles and a simple Y-shaped strap bridging the toe area. They're typically made of rubber, vinyl or a combination of waterproof foam and webbing. You should look for flip flops with traction on the soles, as you'll probably wear them in wet and slippery environments.

Some people don't really like the way straps feel between their toes, and if you're one of them, consider alternative beach sandal styles. You can get sandals with straps that run across the foot rather than between the toes and buckle down to stay in place.

Women's flip flops come in heeled varieties, including wedge heels, kitten heels and, if you like, even high heels. In terms of fabrics, you have many more options than just economical waterproof materials. If you're wearing them more for fashion than function, you can get flip flops made of anything from leather and faux-leather to suede and synthetics. However, be careful that you choose a material that can withstand the environment you're going to wear your flip flops in. Foam, for example, won't hold up well if you're going to be walking across sharp rocks, and plastics may look good, but they aren't very flexible.

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