Sun Hats

Protect your head with a beach hat

Sun hats are specially designed with wide brims that cast shadows over your face and neck, offering these sensitive areas of your body additional protection from the potentially harmful effects of sun exposure. Typically, a sun protection hat has a brim that is at least 4 inches in width, while wide-brim sun hats have edges that total 6 or 7 inches. When you're shopping for sun hats or beach hats, keep this rule of thumb in mind: the wider the brim, the safer your skin.

While all sun hats have generous brims, there are significant variations available. Manufacturers offer men's and women's sun hats, kids' sun hats and baby sun hats in a wide variety of fashionable styles.

Choose a Quality Beach Hat

You'll find sun hats in many colors, though they are typically light rather than dark. Light colors effectively reflect the sun's rays while dark colors absorb them. Thus, a light-colored beach hat will keep your head cooler in the long run.

Most sun hats are made from straw or synthetic materials that mimic the physical qualities of straw. These materials are chosen because they cast an effective shadow, yet are airy and breathable enough to prevent your head from getting too hot. They can be tightly or loosely woven; sun hats with tighter weaving have a smoother, more uniform appearance, while hats with looser weaving allow for more air circulation.

Specialized fabrics that are used in the production of sun hats include flax and a type of grass known as ramie. Flax and ramie sun hats are favored by fashion-conscious consumers who covet the unique sheen these materials offer.

The Cost of Sun Hats

Unlike most types of sun blocking clothing, which are typically priced at a premium when compared to similar items that don't offer the same level of sun protection, sun hats are generally quite inexpensive.

Hats made from raw materials that can be procured domestically cost less. Ramie, for example, is derived from a special type of Chinese grass, and for this reason, ramie sun hats are considerably more expensive. Straw sun hats are usually the most affordable option. There is no real difference in the level of protection a given material provides since it's not what the hat is made from but rather the shadow the brim casts that is doing the work to protect your skin.

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