Swim Caps

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Swim caps provide your head with essential insulation and protection while swimming, particularly in public or private pools. While one of the primary purposes of a swimming cap is to keep your hair dry while you're in the water, they also protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine exposure. If you're an avid swimmer, a good swimming cap is an investment you'll want to make.

Bathing caps are made from several different types of material, each of which has specific properties, advantages and limitations. Before you go shopping, you should educate yourself on the different options available in the world of swimming caps and which one might be best for your situation.

Swimming Cap Materials

Swim caps are typically made of one of three materials: latex, silicone and Lycra.

Latex caps offer a tight fit and rest very close to the head. They are inexpensive and move very smoothly through water, making them a favorite choice of competitive swimmers. However, the material is prone to tearing easily, so if durability is an issue, latex swim caps may not make the best choice.

Silicone swim caps are more expensive than their latex counterparts, but many people also find them more comfortable because they don't fit quite so tightly. Taking advantage of the inherent ability of silicone to stretch, these caps can expand to more than twice their size and are an excellent choice for swimmers with long hair. They're also tougher and more durable than latex swim caps.

Lycra bathing caps are light and dry quickly, and they won't get tangled up with your hair. Because Lycra is a material that has a fabric base, they are also more breathable than both latex and silicone and are very easy to put on and take off.

More Options for Swim Caps

If you regularly swim in cold water, you should consider the merits of an insulated swim cap. These bathing caps are usually made of (or contain) neoprene, which is the same material used to make surf swimwear and diving suits.

If you're a casual swimmer, the right fit and optimal comfort should be your primary considerations when choosing a bathing cap. Look for swim caps that cling tightly to the edges of your head and have enough room to cover all your hair, but aren't too tight when left on for an extended period of time.

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