Water Shoes

Swim shoes for kids and adults

Water shoes (which are sometimes simply called swim shoes) are worn in wet environments in which proper foot protection is essential. They are popular with kayakers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts whose ventures take them into wet, rocky and potentially dangerous environments.

Swim shoes can also be worn in environments which host floor-dwelling aquatic wildlife that may pose dangers to passersby. It is important to note that water shoes aren't necessarily intended to keep your feet dry; rather, their primary purpose is to protect them, particularly the soles, from cuts, stings and sharp objects.

Essential Features of Swim Shoes

The most important thing to look for in a good pair of water shoes is a tough, durable sole that will withstand the rigors of regular use. You'll want to select a product with soles made of firm material that also has a good tread that will allow your feet to maintain their grip in slippery environments.

Swim shoes should also provide full foot coverage. Most water shoes have zippers rather than laces, which form a sealed barrier that envelops your foot's entire surface. They should fit snugly while allowing for water drainage through small sieves or holes which are strategically placed near the sole of the shoe. The right fit is of the utmost importance when you're purchasing kids' swim shoes, as children's feet grow quickly and you need to find an optimal balance between a good fit and the ability to accommodate growth spurts.

Choosing the Right Swim Shoes

As with other types of sports swimwear, it is very important that you purchase a product that is designed specifically for the activity you're taking part in. Some water shoes are meant for use in all types of terrain, including both dry land and aquatic environments, so if you're an avid hiker and your travels take you across both land and water, this style will be particularly appealing to you. Others are designed solely for wear in the water and are made of materials that resist moisture more effectively.

Both women's water shoes and men's water shoes are available in a wide variety of styles, including fashionable options than can form an essential part of a stylish ensemble. You can even get heeled versions of women's water shoes that have a sassy appeal yet offer full functionality.

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