Womens Lingerie

Finding the right sexy lingerie

From bras to garters, women's lingerie covers every feminine style and preference. Despite some popular assumptions, you don't need to shed all but a scrap of material to look and feel sexy. Indeed, full-coverage lingerie can be extremely comfortable and sexy, combining a flirty appeal with an enticing sense of mystery.

On the other hand, there is a vast selection of fine lingerie that favors exposure over modesty—sheer lingerie can create a striking effect, and the fine mesh material will generally be more breathable than satin or leather. Note your comfort zone, but don't be afraid to stray from your typical preferences: you may surprise yourself and your partner with your newfound confidence and style that comes with the perfect piece of sexy lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie Styles

To begin, decide how much coverage you want or need—more conservative styles tend to feature low necklines but more tummy, hip and thigh coverage than daring garments, which may suit your style and comfort level. Lingerie such as corsets can double as shapewear, ironing out bumps and accentuating the hourglass figure while making a seductive statement. Lace lingerie is a classic choice, as it fits close to your contours and looks undeniably feminine—in fact, it is still the most popular choice for bridal lingerie.

A garter set with matching bra, thong and belt is a polished and timeless seductive look for every woman, regardless of her shape or size. Garter belts are frequently sized like womens underwear, ranging from small through extra large, but some that claim to be one-size-fits-all may fall short on their promise. Plus-size lingerie can be found anywhere smaller sizes are sold, but if you can't find a wide selection in your size, pick a versatile style. For instance, a garter belt with a lace up front or back will not only be sexy, it will conform to your curves for a perfect fit.

Versatile Women's Lingerie

While some sexy styles are striking, they are rarely practical. For those who enjoy wearing lingerie under their regular clothing or simply to lounge around the house, comfort and fit will be the priorities. Camisoles and slips are typically made to drape smoothly over the body with materials like satin or silk, which can leave you feeling flirty and feminine without revealing too much. The most versatile slip designs will feature adjustable hems and alternative necklines, which will make them easy to wear under a variety of dress or blouse styles.

Although visual appeal is certainly an important lingerie feature, you will only enjoy the garment if it feels good on your body. Browse around for the right fit and look to get the most use out of your lingerie; if an undergarment doesn't keep you comfy, it will likely be closet-bound.

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