Bridal Lingerie

Wedding and honeymoon lingerie for your special day

Bridal lingerie can be sweet and flirty or sexy and exotic—your choice will depend on your style, price range and level of comfort. This is a special occasion, and many women like to splurge a bit on a quality garment or ensemble that will not only impress, but will fit perfectly and last for a while.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you choose your wedding lingerie, and a good understanding of your level of comfort can make all the difference in your mood. If you choose to wear your lingerie under your dress, you'll want to make sure it fits very well and will remain comfortable—after all, you will need to sit, stand, walk and dance in it all day long. Find out about the features of bridal lingerie and follow some tips to make sure your wedding night outfit will be one to remember.

Types and Styles of Wedding Lingerie

Bras and panties for the wedding day are typically made of pretty yet fitted lace, which has a timeless elegance. For some, the wedding day will call for the full lingerie treatment, including a matching bra, panties and garter belt, or perhaps an open-bottom bridal bustier or corset. Alternatively, you may want to go with a lightweight outfit like a dainty garter belt and shelf bra, or thigh-high sheer stockings and pretty panties. If you're looking for something more revealing, consider a lingerie set made of sheer white fabric—stockings, garter belt, thong and baby doll camisole or bra can have a stunning effect.

The wedding garter is a popular bridal tradition, and there are plenty of styles available. Ranging from ribbons and lace to sleek satin, the garter should fit snug but not tight around your thigh and consist of fabric that will not irritate your skin. Many online retailers will also offer personalized garters, with the wedding date or a special message embroidered across the fabric to make for a special keepsake.

Find the Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Many brides choose shapewear for the day, as it will smooth, control and breathe under the dress. In some cases, bridal lingerie will be both supportive and visually appealing, as in the case of the bridal corset. If you cannot seem to achieve the fine balance between comfort and style, you may want to wear a lightweight body shaper on your wedding day and change into your honeymoon lingerie on your wedding night. When shopping for your bridal lingerie, keep in mind the time and effort it will take to put on and remove, as you will undoubtedly be exhausted after your wedding day. Consider a baby doll style that is sexy yet simple to wear.

As far as tradition goes, white is the color for the dress and most accessories that go with it. However, many brides are departing from this rule and opting for the vitality of bright colors to accompany modern styles. Why not extend this modern twist to wedding lingerie? Although white is the predominant color for lacy bras, slips and panties, many companies have begun to introduce ultra-feminine undergarments in black or red lace and satin. You may want to surprise your groom with a racy black bridal lingerie set when the dress comes off, or perhaps invest in a several pieces in various styles and colors to wear on each night of your honeymoon.

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