Types of camisole top

The camisole is one of the most versatile pieces of women's clothing, which is why it is a staple in many wardrobes. Smooth and silky or soft and snug, a camisole top can be worn underneath your regular clothing or as a visible part of your outfit. Layering is a great way to achieve a style all your own, and the huge variety of stylish women's camisoles out there can help you accentuate your look.

Although camisoles are delicate and stylish, they can also be remarkably functional. You can find camisoles that will shape and support your curves, smooth out your silhouette and virtually disappear under a sleek and slinky outfit. Find the perfect camisole for a striking outfit or simply for lounging around on a lazy afternoon.

Camisole Styles

The basic camisole style is a waist or hip-long sleeveless top that drapes over the body, though there are some features that can vary. Although it generally has spaghetti straps, some versions have wider lace or elastic straps to offer a bit more security and support. They are often designed to be sensual as well as comfortable—a silk camisole will feel great against the skin while it exudes elegance and femininity, and will often serve as a piece of womens pajamas.

A bra camisole is a good choice when it's too hot to wear multiple layers, or if you want more cleavage coverage than your bra can offer. More like a bra than a shirt, it is cropped to just below the bust and usually features a playful print, lace trim or decorative edging that crosses the chest and is meant to peek over the neckline of your top. When a full lace camisole is too much fabric to wear or the texture is too noticeable under your outfit, choose a lace-trimmed camisole bra for stylish comfort.

Camisoles for Shape and Support

For body-hugging comfort, look to cotton blends that will be breathable as well as stretchy. Fabrics such as Lycra, nylon or spandex will keep the cotton from sagging or stretching out, and elasticized straps will keep the camisole in place. For more shaping and support, look for stretchy body shapers that extend to the waist or hips—many companies have departed from the typical nude, white or black shapewear colors and are making pretty yet functional camisoles with sparkles or vivid hues to coordinate with other outer wear.

For a sexy style with good support, consider a lacy camisole that has an underwire bra built into the fabric. Also called camisole corsets, these may feature slightly wider straps to offer a more prominent shape, and are higher-cut with a scoop or square neckline that emphasizes the virtues of the built-in shelf bra. You can find these types of camisoles in other sensual fabrics like velour, satin or jacquard fabric to add a touch of class and elegance to a bland outfit.

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