Garter sets for fashion and function

Historically, there was an appealing mystery attached to garters. Both stylish and functional, garters were traditionally used to hold up stockings but the delicate embellishments implied that they were meant to be seen. Today, elastic stockings have replaced functional garters, yet many women continue to wear them for fashion and traditional occasions.

The garter belt is another popular lingerie item, despite today's more practical hosiery that will stay put on its own. A garter set is a sexy statement as much as a functional undergarment, and the myriad colors, styles and fabrics will ensure that you find the perfect discrete accessory for your outfit or an alluring focal point for a lingerie ensemble.

Garter Belts

The garter belt is designed to fit above or around the hips and is frequently embellished with delicate lace or a sheer band of material. The belt will have four to eight straps with clips which snap onto the top of the stockings to prevent them from falling and bunching. Although stay-up stockings are now the norm, the garter belt has a definite glamour and has become a popular piece of intimate apparel. Garter belts often come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, but the more stretchy styles may simply be one-size-fits-all. Some garter belts have lace-up sides or backs that resemble the corset closure, which allows for a customized fit.

For a full lingerie ensemble, consider a garter set that includes a matching bra, garter belt and thong panty. You will need to put on the garter belt first, the panties next and finish by clipping the stockings to the garter snaps. If you are reluctant to sport so many layers, you can find a garter belt and thong that are combined into one piece; an alternative is to wear the belt without panties.

Ornamental Garters

These fashionable garters are really only accessories, as they do not bear any remnants of the sleek, sturdy designs of traditional functional garters that stay around the calf or thigh. They do, however, fit around the thigh securely and provide a feminine flair to the outfit. Typically, ornamental garters are worn by brides under the wedding dress and, unlike other bridal lingerie, are meant to be seen by the wedding guests. In fact, a blue garter is a popular wedding day accessory, serving as the "something blue" of the traditional bridal ensemble, though a white lace garter with ribbons is also widely used.

Since the garter is simply constructed from fairly stretchy elastic, most will not come in specific sizes. This makes it an easy item to order online, and you can take your pick of a rainbow of colors to match your wedding colors. Do keep in mind that it will remain around your thigh for the majority of the wedding day, so you should choose a style that is least likely to irritate your leg. A wider elastic set in a satin ribbon will be comfortable against your skin and will not cut into your leg, while too much lace or organza trim may feel bulky or scratchy.

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