Tips for teddy shopping

A teddy is an undergarment that combines a panty and a camisole in one piece, similar to a bodysuit but often more fashionable and revealing. One of the more popular lingerie items, the teddy is designed to follow the contours of the body while it stays put, keeping sheer or novelty fabrics from bunching and ruining the sleek and sexy look. Fitted and daring, this is a step up from the flirty slip or camisole!

Teddies come in a variety of colors and styles to suit different tastes. Are you looking for a jaw-dropping negligee? Check out a peek-a-boo leather teddy. If you're interested in a comfortable yet sensual piece of sleepwear, a more traditional satin teddy with some thigh coverage will suit your needs. Learn about the variety of teddies available and what to keep in mind when shopping for a lingerie teddy.

Styles of Teddies

Teddies can be worn for comfort and shaping or strictly for visual appeal, but all have some features in common. To begin, they are either pulled on in one piece or joined with snaps or clasps at the crotch, ensuring a smooth and seamless fit. Traditionally, the teddy was loose-fitting and made from sleek fabrics like the silk and satin camisoles of today, but now you'll find that most teddies are made from stretchy sheer or shaping material.

The lingerie teddy is most often low-cut at the bust and can be either high-cut at the legs or cut along the upper thigh. The satin teddy is likely the most comfortable, and those that cover the upper thigh are often designed for sleeping or lounging. A thong teddy is quite the opposite—the minimal fabric in the back and high-cut legs make this one of the sexiest styles around, and many styles use see-through lace or mesh for the front panel. An open bust or crotchless leather or lace teddy will be the most erotic choice, but for more versatility you may want to consider a fashion top teddy that offers a bit more coverage and can be worn either as a flashy undergarment or a sexy top.

Find the Right Teddy

Although online lingerie retailers tend to have the widest selection, many specialty boutiques offer an array of fashion teddies and can offer helpful fitting advice and practice. If you haven't bought a teddy before, you may need to try a variety before you find one that fits well and doesn't irritate or pinch your skin. Although you may know your measurements, different garments can fit differently and small, medium or large are rather subjective labels. The more specific the sizing, the better chance it will fit you well—look for thorough descriptions and specifications when you browse online retailers.

If you plan to wear a teddy under your clothing, look for a piece with low profile seams and lines so that it won't show through your outerwear. Alternatively, you can substitute a pretty lace-trimmed teddy for a camisole to complement the rest of your outfit. Although they are some of the most seductive pieces of lingerie, teddies can also be some of the most comfortable undergarments—if they fit well.

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