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Tips on ladies slips

The slip is reminiscent of traditional under garments, offering smooth comfort and distinctly feminine elegance. Worn as pajamas or under dresses, a slip is designed to move with the body and add to the sleek and curvy silhouette of a woman's body. Today, women's slips tend to be more functional than glamorous, with minimal embellishments and trim to garnish the neckline and hem. Whether you favor comfort, style or coverage, you will be able to find the perfect slip for any occasion with some tips about the various styles and features of ladies' slips.

Types of Ladies' Slips

The two general styles of women's slips are the full slip and the half slip. The full slip, a precursor to women's loungewear, resembles a lightweight dress with minimal coverage. It is often made from a soft, smooth material (as in silk slips or satin slips) that will feel great against the skin and allow a dress to slide easily over it without clinging or bunching.

A half slip will start at the waist and reach to the thigh, the knee or right down to the floor. Since it doesn't have any fabric on top, it is an ideal addition foundation for two-piece outfits; some half slips are actually made with pant legs instead of a skirt to be worn under sheer, wide-legged pants. The traditional feminine elegance of the lace slip is still favored by many, and lacy trim is often incorporated into vintage-inspired designs that merge the elegance of slips with the sexy glamour of teddies.

Find the Right slip for Your Body and Style

The texture and weight of the slip will be as important as the color and cut—a heavy slip under a sleek, fitted dress will likely erase any smooth and slender effects of your outfit. One way to prevent this bunchy mismatch of texture is to opt for shapewear that will guarantee a smooth and seamless line under any fabric. Shapewear slips can include an underwire or wireless bra to eliminate the need for an extra piece of underwear, or else it may feature a very low scooped neckline to allow you to wear your own bra underneath the piece of shapewear.

A single slip may not be versatile enough to wear with everything in your wardrobe, but there are some full- and half-slips that feature adjustable hem lines to work with a number of skirt lengths. With three rows of lace inserts at the bottom of the skirt, the slip can be clipped up to the length that you desire. If you like to wear dresses with a variety of necklines, look for a full slip with two different necklines—one side will feature a v-neck or scoop and the other will offer a straight neckline to maximize your options. This will save you the expense of buying several slips of varying lengths and styles.

Slips do have a tendency to cling to the dress material in dry weather, especially those made from cotton and synthetic fabrics. Cotton is comfortable, but does not have the slick finish that helps to ease friction, while synthetic fabrics will often create an electrical charge when they rub against other materials. You can avoid the static cling by rubbing an anti-static sheet or misting water on the slip, but many new slip fabrics are designed to be completely cling resistant.

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