Womens Underwear

Briefs, bikini underwear and more

For something that is worn under the clothes, there sure is a lot of variance and detail in women's underwear. From lace to cotton and thongs to briefs, there is a style and color to suit any occasion. But while color and form will appeal to your sense of style, comfort should top your list of underwear features if you want to stay relaxed and confident throughout your day.

Comfort is not universal, so consider what it means to you. Will full coverage feel the most natural, or do you prefer as little fabric as possible? Learn about the popular styles of underwear, their advantages and what to consider when it comes to your fabric choice.

Types of Women's Underwear

The best style of underwear for you will largely depend on the amount of coverage that will keep you comfortable. Women's briefs will offer the most coverage, with a waistband that reaches to the navel and fabric to cover the hips and butt completely. French briefs are a slight variation of classic briefs, only with high cut leg holes, while hipster panties bring the full coverage of a brief with a lower waistband that sits across the hips. Some new styles combine women's panties with body shapers, which results in multi-functional pieces of underwear that offer coverage, compression and practicality for special occasions or everyday fashions.

Women's panties that sit above the hips and have narrower front and back panels are referred to as bikini underwear; the style with very little fabric on the sides is called the string bikini. A happy medium between the brief and the thong, bikini briefs have enough material to cover the front and back without being overly bulky. They can be worn under a variety of fabrics without noticeable seams and lines, and are tailored enough to stay put. If panty lines are a real concern, consider thong underwear, which consists of a triangular-shaped panel of fabric in the front that narrows under the crotch and offers hardly any coverage in the back.

What to Look for in Women's Underwear

The secret to a good pair of underwear is a good fit—any bulges or bagginess will be hard to hide, no matter what your outfit. Strong and narrow elastic trim will often cut into the skin, creating bulges around the legs and hips. To avoid this effect, look for underwear with wider bands that lay across your skin instead of digging in. For superior comfort and invisibility, try out seamless microfiber panties that sit flat to the body without the need for elastic trim.

While underwear can come in a variety of sexy, flashy or stretchy materials, many women prefer the simple comfort and breathability of cotton underwear. Cotton is a particularly good choice for clothing that is worn directly against the skin, as it is a hypoallergenic fabric that allows for air circulation. Since cotton offers good absorbency and cushioning, many doctors recommend cotton underwear for the health and protection of your skin.

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