Women's Swimwear

Swimwear for women

Swimwear fashions for women are as varied as they are stylish. Marrying fashion and function, today's women's swimwear features exciting designs and unique shapes that highlight and define body contours while making creative use of high-performance fabrics that protect your skin from the harmful effects of chlorine and ultraviolet rays.

Traditional favorites like one-piece bathing suits and bikinis have yielded some of their dominance to more imaginative designs like tankinis, skirted women's swimsuits and boy-cut bikinis. Whether you want to strut your stuff at the beach or prefer a simpler, more modest design, plenty of exciting choices await you.

Options for Ladies Swimwear

In broad terms, there are two basic types of women's swimwear: one-piece and two-piece bathing suits. One-piece women's swimwear is typically modest and functional, designed more for skin protection and high performance than visual appeal. Even so, there are some interesting options such as swim dresses that offer you a little more flair than a standard swimsuit. You can also get one-piece women's swimsuits with keyholes and cut-outs that are a little more daring and adventurous.

If you'd prefer a piece with more eye-catching sizzle, two-piece swimwear offers more options. There are all kinds of different tops and bottoms available, including triangle-style bikini tops, halters, bandeaus, underwire tops and sporty tops as well as bust enhancers and pieces designed especially to offer extra support for women with ample bosoms.

Various styles are available for the bottom halves of two-piece women's and girls swimsuits. For conservative tastes, you can choose a cover-up, high waist or scoop-style bikini bottoms. More daring offerings include thongs and Brazilian-style bikini bottoms, as well as boy shorts and tie-side bottoms.

Specialty Swimwear for Women

Designers have also created a wide range of bathing suits and bikinis for women with unique needs. Slimming swimwear is one popular product family, which flatter and streamline your natural form. You can also shop for swimwear specially designed for your particular body type.

Expectant mothers can get maternity swimwear that comfortably accommodates and protects your growing womb. If you've had a mastectomy, you may also want to look into specialized mastectomy swimwear that conceals any scars you may have while protecting the area from chemicals and impurities found in swimming water that may irritate your skin or cause infections.

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