Maternity Swimwear

Find great maternity bathing suits

If you're an expectant mother who wants to enjoy the sunshine during the summer months, maternity swimwear will be an essential part of your temporary wardrobe. Maternity swimsuits come in all kinds of styles, including adjustable options that allow you to make more room for your growing tummy as the baby matures in your womb.

Maternity bathing suits are available in both one-piece and two-piece styles. They are loaded with unique features that provide both comfort and safety, and you can mix and match tops like maternity tankinis with bottoms such as maternity swim shorts to create just the right look.

Features of Maternity Swimwear

Like mastectomy swimwear, maternity swimsuits are designed both to look great and protect sensitive body areas. Many pieces feature padded breast cups to give you extra support and keep you comfortable. Maternity tankinis are typically designed with generous widths and adjustable sashes that tie just above the waist. This allows you to take in or let out more fabric as necessary to accommodate your tummy. The best maternity swim shorts have loose or adjustable waistbands designed to gently hug your body without applying too much pressure.

Popular Styles of Maternity Bathing Suits

Because proper breast support is particularly important for expectant mothers, maternity tankinis and halter tops score major points with pregnant women. These pieces are an ideal combination of fashion and function, allowing you to customize a fun, flirtatious or conservative look while providing all the practical features you'll need. Many women find that these tank strap-style tops provide excellent comfort.

One-piece maternity swimsuits are a favorite with women who prefer a no-frills appearance (though they are available in a full range of bold, bright prints, colors and patterns too). Dark, solid-colored one-piece maternity bathing suits have a slimming effect which strongly appeals to many soon-to-be mothers. These swimsuits almost always have shirred side seams that naturally and comfortably expand as your tummy grows. Look for pieces that have soft foam padding, particularly around the breast cups, to provide an extra degree of safety and coziness.

You don't have to sacrifice style just because you're pregnant! As you shop for maternity swimwear, you'll find that today's designers are in tune with the needs and preferences of an increasingly fashion-conscious generation of young mothers.

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