One Piece Swimwear

Women's one piece swimsuits

One-piece swimwear for women is a practical and accommodating yet stylish way to enjoy the sunshine and water. While simple one-piece bathing suits were no-frills, purely functional items of apparel for many years, today's designers are offering bolder, more creative designs in addition to traditional pieces.

You also have a lot of choice in terms of prints, colors and fabrics. Solid-color women's one-piece swimsuits are still as popular as ever, and prints range from understated to outrageous. The materials used to make one-piece swimwear now also offer UV protection, and you can even get tan-through swimsuits that help you avoid tan lines.

One-Piece Swimwear Styles

Standard one-piece women's swimsuits offer full frontal and generous back coverage with a tie or strap that usually runs around the neck. However, there are a lot of expressive variations available that are a little more daring and creative. Decorative flairs like cut-outs and keyholes allow your skin to breathe a bit while offering complete comfort and protection.

The monokini is a more daring and bold choice that combines the revealing appeal of a bikini with the simplicity of a one-piece swimsuit. Numerous variations on this exciting style are available, from open-fronted monokinis to bikini-style swimsuits that bridge the tops and bottoms with narrow strips of fabric running down the middle of the front.

Halter swimwear offers thicker and more supportive cups and straps. You can also get swim dresses that have textured skirts as well as one-piece bathing suits with shirt-style water-resistant tops that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Slimming swimwear is an appealing sub-type that compresses and streamlines your figure, lending your form a slender elegance. It is especially popular with women who visit the beach regularly and want to enhance the vertical lines of their bodies. Bust-enhancing swimwear is another appealing variation that comes in many different prints, patterns and styles.

You should also be aware of the specialized one-piece swimwear products available for women. Maternity swimwear is designed to ensure your comfort as your baby matures in your womb, and you can also get protective mastectomy swimwear that reduces the visual traces and infection risks of your surgery.

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