Slimming Swimwear

Find swimwear to suit your shape

Women of all shapes and sizes choose slimming swimwear to flatter and elongate their figures. While a wide range of long torso swimwear, plus-size bathing suits and full-figure swimsuits is available on the market, there are also a few tips you can use to deflect attention away from flawed areas if you're having a case of the bikini blues.

Wearing one-piece swimwear is a popular approach, but if you prefer two-piece swimwear, one thing you can do is pair a halter bikini top with a scooped bottom that will draw the eye away from your hips. Otherwise, there are a lot of slimming swimwear strategies that you can take advantage of, depending on your body type.

Slimming Swimwear for Different Body Types

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by slimming swimwear, it's essential to choose a piece that's intended for your body type. For example, if you have a slim waist but fuller thighs, you're best to choose a piece designed with high-cut legs, as this will draw the eye to your midriff. If, on the other hand, you have a broader waist, try a tankini top. These articles look like tank tops, but are made of water-resistant, insulated swimsuit material. For an even more dramatic slimming effect, choose a piece of a dark solid color.

Many women want to conceal their tummies, particularly after they've had children. Again, one-piece swimsuits of dark, solid colors will help, but you can also choose swim dresses and tankinis with folds and highly textured fabrics.

Women's Triangle Shape Swimwear

The most effective full-figure swimsuits and plus-size bathing suits make excellent use of triangle-shaped designs. Women's triangle shape swimwear has a streamlining and elongating effect on your figure, and close-fitting, specially crafted pieces can actually trim a couple inches off problem areas.

One brand that's renowned for making high-quality, stylish slimming swimwear is Miraclesuit. You can get one-piece Miraclesuit swimsuits as well as separate tops and bottoms. Their pieces enhance busts and dramatically improve the appearance of softer waists, and their products are widely available through hundreds of traditional and online retailers.

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