Two Piece Swimwear

Popular bikini and tankini swimsuit styles

Two-piece swimwear for women is an exciting and alluring alternative to conservative one-piece bathing suits. Swimwear separates are often designed to be sexier and more revealing, but there are also more conservative women's bikinis that are primarily intended for comfort.

Swimwear separates include many different styles of tops and bottoms, and today's women's swimwear designers are bolder, more interesting and more creative than ever before. You'll have to do some digging to find the style that best suits your personal tastes and body type, and you should start by getting a clearer idea of the range of choices available to you.

Bikini Top Styles

Traditionally speaking, there are five major bikini top styles. The triangle bikini top is likely the most familiar. Named for its shape, the triangle bikini top has a classic appeal and is available in both modest and revealing variations. Halter bikini tops have the same triangular shape but instead have open backs and tie or wrap around the back of the wearer's neck.

Next are bandeau bikinis and sport tops. Bandeau bikini tops are horizontal strips of shaped fabric that do not have any shoulder or neck straps. Sports bikinis are specially designed for high performance and typically offer more coverage than other styles.

Underwire bikini tops can be of any of the aforementioned styles, but offer additional wire supports beneath the breast cups that are designed to create a firmer, fuller appearance. These are particularly appealing to well-endowed women and women who want a little extra lift in the front.

One other option that's becoming increasingly popular is women's tankini swimwear. A tankini is a type of swim shirt that looks like a tank top, but offers the insulation, water resistance and chemical resistance of a bathing suit.

Swimwear Separates: Bikini Bottoms

The broad selection of bikini bottoms available allows you to mix and match your swimwear separates to create a unique look. Some of the different bikini bottoms available include thongs, high waist bikini bottoms and scoop-style bottoms that offer a little more coverage.

Side-tied bikini bottoms have remained popular for decades, and are available in both thong and regular styles. In recent years, boy-cut bikini bottoms have become fashionable and are perfect if you want a playful, flirtatious look. You can also get skirt-style bottoms and stylish coverups that give you some added coverage and sun protection yet still have a lot of sensual appeal.

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